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Migrate configuration from cccam to oscam


There are no binaries for cccam for newer architectures. While older dreamboxes like my DM800SE are based on the mipsel architecture, newer ones like the Dreambox 900 are based on arm. Binaries for oscam are available.

It is time to move from cccam to oscam

A typical C-Line found in the CCcam.cfg looks like this:

C: 1237 2365dfgds zzddaccss # comment bla bla

The IP address following the C: is the IP address ( of the remote server providing the share, the number 1237 is the TCP port of the service. Sometimes there is a hostname ( provided instead of an address. The next token (2365dfgds) is the username, the last one is the password (zzddaccss). Every character beyond the hash is ignored as a comment.

Migrating this line to oscam means creating the following oscam.server configuration file:

label = CCcamRemote1
protocol = cccam
device =,1237
user = 2365dfgds
password = zzddaccss
cccreshare = 2
ccckeepalive = 1
group = 4

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