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Arietta G25 Evaluation Board – EVB


Although the Arietta G25 module is very maker friendly, sadly it’s not breadboard friendly. With this evaluation board, one can simply connect to all the pins of the Arietta without a big mess.

Arietta G25 Evaluation Board

The Arietta G25 is a low cost Linux embedded module provided by Acme Systems.

Order your Arietta G25 Evaluation Board

As I have some spare PCBs, I am selling the boards including 7 x Male Pinheaders 1×20 RM2,54 and 1 x Female Socket 2×20 RM2,54. Please use this paypal form to order.

Arietta G25 EVB
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Please note that the soldering needs to be done by yourself and that this offer does not include an Arietta G25 module.

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