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Arietta G25 Buildroot


On the Acme Systems website, there are several old articles describing how to create a buildroot system for the Arietta G25. Thank god, nowadays it’s much more easier than then.

I have tested the following procedure on a freshly installed Debian System:

# apt-get install make git g++ unzip libncurses5-dev bc
# git clone git://
# cd buildroot
# make acmesystems_arietta_g25_128mb_defconfig
# make

Tested with:

  • Debian 8.7.1 x64 under VMWare Workstation
  • Buildroot 2017.02
  • Debian 9.1 x64 under VMWare Workstation
  • Buildroot 2017.08

Customize your Buildroot system with the following commands:

# make menuconfig  // buildroot configuration
# make linux-menuconfig  // linux kernel configuration

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